Anne K. Swedberg

Theater Professor | Actor | Director


Anne Swedberg - Bio


Anne has a life-long love of acting and theater. Her pursuit of this passion is channeled primarily through community-based theater; acting training and theory; voice and speech technique. 

Anne Swedberg

With over three decades of experience and growth, Anne has pursued and completed a B.S. degree in Speech from Northwestern University, an MFA in Acting from the University of Louisville, and a Ph. D. in Theater from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After several intense years, she also has the much coveted Linklater Designation. She has both Meisner and Michael Chekov training, is Louis Colaianni certified, and will soon complete her yoga instructor certification. Anne is married and has lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 12 years. She has five dogs and makes a habit of fostering others.



Proficiencies: Acting, Voice, Shakespeare, and Theater.

Anne Swedberg - Class Room

Theater Professor

Areas of Focus

Linklater Designation

Designation Practices
Designated Linklater Teacher | November 2020

Anne was accepted into a cohort that trained with Kristin Linklater in Orkney, Scotland for six weeks during the summers of 2018 and 2019.

She became a Designated Linklater Teacher in November, 2020, and is now listed as such on the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre’s website. 

Theater Specializations

Theater Specialization

Actor Pedigogy

Community Performance

Anne Swedberg - Community Performance